Quality as a Hallmark

Since 1875, Palautec is dedicated to facing brick manufacturing, inspiring architects and designer, and keeping the highest quality standards.

Sustainable, warm and creative

Palautec's brick walls are always a safe investment.

We contribute to a safe and warm future for our homes through a sustainable, natural and timeless material, and for a better life for future generations.

Our Hallmark

Colour control

The outstanding superficial colour treatment on our bricks guarantees uniform colours and regular facades, more than any other brick in the market.

Unchanging colours

Our colours are timeless, they never age nor fade. Our colours are lifetime guaranteed, dump and pollution cannot penetrate through.

Natural controlled blends

To guarantee a natural look on your façade, saving time and efforts, our bricks are mixed at factory making unnecessary to mix packs on site. 


Due to the superficial colour treatment, our bricks have a very low porosity which prevents dirt and paints from penetrating, including graffiti. This makes facades cleaning easy, fast and affordable.